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Clixbeetle-GT™ V2 Tactile Feedback Mod For the Thrustmaster TH8A/TH8RS

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Clixbeetle-GT™ V2 Tactile Feedback Mod For the Thrustmaster TH8A/TH8RS

New Deluxe Version of the Clixbeetle-GT!

In summary from our customer reviews:
The nolitto3d Clixbeetle-GT V2 is literally a Game-Changer for your TH8A.
Shifting feels more tactile and satisfying, each gear shift is confirmed by both the sound and feel of the main gear shaft passing between the gated bearings. Furthermore, it adds a really nice mid-shift clunk that is missing in the stock TH8A.

The TH8A shifter from Thrustmaster is well enough built, but it lacks "resistance" when shifting and simply leaves you clueless every now and then.
With the nolitto3d Clixbeetle-GT V2 the shifter is hugely improved, shifting is so much more realistic. Installation is a piece of cake.

Get that True Gated Shifter Feel with our nolitto3d Clixbeetle-GT V2!

For the serious Sim Racer who wants that extra immersion and realistic gear-shifting experience!

Please note:

  • Colours may vary from the ones in the photos.
  • Not applicable to Sequential Mode (does not affect sequential mode).
  • You do not need to remove the Clixbeetle-GT V2 when installing the TH8A Sequential Mode Plate


  • Increased Gear Shift Resistance
  • Laser-cut stainless steel plates - To allow for spring-pressure adjustment (also provide extra durability)
  • Spring-loaded steel ball bearings for improved tactile feedback
  • Adjustable ball bearing spring pressure
  • Improved immersion as shifter feels more like a real gated shifter
  • Steel ball bearings make a nice metallic click when shifting gears
  • Taller front end for better stability and durability
  • Dimples on front and back surfaces to store/trap grease and therefore reduce friction and wear
  • Printed in Premium PLA+ for strength and durability
  • Detailed installation instructions (download from our nolitto3d online store):
  • Detailed Ball Bearing Spring Pressure Adjustment instructions (download from our nolitto3d online store) :

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