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nolitto3d Short Throw Knob for the Thrustmaster TH8A

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Yet another option from nolitto3d to shorten the gear shifting throw

Custom made specifically for the TH8A - Weighted for the TH8A stock springs - M9 thread at a deeper section to shorten the gear stick/lever

NOTE: Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter is not included - Only used in photos to show how the knob fits in the TH8A shifter


  • Easy installation - Just unscrew the stock TH8A knob and screw the new Short Throw Knob
  • Shortens the gear stick/lever length and therefore increases the shift resistance
  • Shortens the distance to engage the gears for faster gear shifting
  • Weighted with stainless-steel nuts (heavier than the stock THA8 knob)
  • Printed in Premium PLA+ for strength and durability
  • Available in different colours

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