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Short Throw Shifter Plate for the Thrustmaster TH8A

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NOTE: Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter is not included - Only used in photos to show how the plate fits in the TH8A shifter


  • Easy installation - Just remove the top metal plate, sit the short plate on top of the black plate - make sure you align the gates (notice Reverse is the standard longer gate) in the same orientation. Fit the top metal plate back on with the longer screws provided. There's also a small guide pin underneath the metal plate that you need to align with the guide hole on the short shifter plate
  • Shortens the distance to engage the gears for faster gear shifting
  • Includes one 7th Gear/Gate Blocker
  • Compatible with the nolitto3d Gear Blockers - Note: If you purchase or already own the nolitto3d Gear Blockers, you would use the included 7th Gear/Gate Blocker instead of the 7th Gear Blocker in the nolitto3d 6pack
  • Printed in Premium PLA+ for strength and durability
  • Compatible with the nolitto3d Clixbeetle-Pro/GT
  • Includes 4 longer screws to replace the original Thrustmaster shorter screws
  • Available in different colours

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