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Clixbeetle-GT YouTube Review by Barry Rowland - Sim Racing Garage

Clixbeetle-Pro YouTube Review by Barry Rowland - Sim Racing Garage

  • A spring is not "just a spring"

    We learnt a lot about spring design while finding the right springs for the Clixbeetle-Pro/GT/GTV2.
    The springs in the Clixbeetle have been specifically designed for optimal tension to get that beautiful tactile feedback and resistance when installed in your TH8A shifter.
    A big shout out to Jubilee Springs!
    Great Aussie company who helped us design the springs and who also manufacture the springs for the Clixbeetle-Pro/GT/GTV2

  • Laser-Cut Stainless-Steel Plates

    The Stainless-Steel plates in the Clixbeetle-GT/GT V2 are Laser-Cut for precision.
    These plates add extra durability to the part and also allows the spring tension to be adjustable.
    The Clixbeetle-GT/GTV2 is a perfect example of how it is viable to combine metal with a 3d printed part to make mechanical parts.
    Install one in your TH8A shifter for greater resistance and Tactile Feedback when using the H-pattern shifter mode.

  • Adjust the spring tension to your preference (only in GT/GT V2)

    The Clixbeetle-GT/GT V2 ball bearing spring pressure has already been calibrated for optimal
    tactile feedback. You may however fine tune the pressure to your preference by following the Clixbeetle-GT Spring Pressure Adjustment guide. Be careful not to lock the springs by overtightening the grub screws though (please follow the guide to prevent damage).