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Clixbeetle-GT™ Tactile Feedback Mod For the Thrustmaster TH8A/TH8RS

Clixbeetle-GT™ Tactile Feedback Mod For the Thrustmaster TH8A/TH8RS

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Tactile Feedback Mod for the Thrustmaster TH8A/TH8RS

For the serious Sim Racer who wants that extra flexibility and extra durability!

Please note:

  • Colours may vary from the ones in the photos.
  • Not applicable to Sequential Mode (does not affect sequential mode). You do not need to remove the Clixbeetle-GT V2 when installing the TH8A Sequential Mode Plate
  • International buyers (from outside Australia) – please note: Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price. These charges are the buyer's responsibility.
    Please check with your country's customs office or website to determine what these additional costs may be prior to buying.


  • Increased Gear Shift Resistance
  • Laser-cut stainless steel plates - To allow for spring-pressure adjustment (also provide extra durability)
  • Spring-loaded steel ball bearings for improved tactile feedback
  • Adjustable ball bearing spring pressure
  • Improved immersion as shifter feels more like a real gated shifter
  • Steel ball bearings make a nice metallic click when shifting gears
  • Printed in Premium PLA+ for strength and durability
  • Detailed installation instructions (download from our nolitto3d online store):
  • Detailed Ball Bearing Spring Pressure Adjustment instructions (download from our nolitto3d online store) :
  • As reviewed by Barry Rowland - Sim Racing Garage:
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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Dimitar Hristov
love it so much

The installation was very easy, the feel is so good and there is so many adjustment that it can feel however anybody wants.

Gives the Shifter a much better feel

I would give 5 stars. Sadly I have to retighen the screws once every couple of days. I like my shifting resistance pretty high and It seems that after some days the screws back up a little.
I guess I have to glue them in place.
Maybe you cold also provide a second measuring tool for people who like their shifting resistance tighter
Otherwise the mod is a must. The spongy feeling of the stock shifter is gone.
It's by far the best mod out there.

Clixbeetle GT Review

After doing some research on the various options available in the market to improve the Thrustmaster shifter feel, I decided on the Clixbeetle GT. Here is a summary of my experiences:

1) The Clixbeetle was shipped very quickly and I received it with 4 days of ordering
2) It was extremely well packaged
3) The quality and design of the Clixbeetle is far superior to the other options on the market. The 3d printing is excellent and the adjustable spring loaded balls allow for easy adjustment to control resistance.
4) It installs easily within minutes
5) After installation, some bedding in will occur in the first session of use. The shifter may feel like it has less resistance. Some readjustment will be necessary to regain the feel, it is normal to expect this.
6) The only thing I did was use a metal hose clamp instead of the plastic clip. The clip works well but a metal clamp is just stronger.
7) I also purchased the short shifter plate as well, I recommend that you do both Clixbeetle GT and short shifter plate at the same time.

Overall I am wrapped with the Clixbeetle GT and I would strongly recommend it to anyone keen to get better feel from their Thrustmaster shifter.

Great job Nolitto3d !


2nd Review/Months of use.

So, My first review was iffy and honestly a bit premature, So I wanted to redo this and clear a few things up and also add some of my own notes on best setup. At first i stated it lost its feel after a few shifts and i had no clicks etc, But as most parts, I found this little guy also needs a solid break-in period. After a few weeks or so I noticed it was really loose and had loud clicks which is great but the tension was gone, So obviously I investigated, it needed to be tightened up and I needed to find a tension that was good, Kept the clicks and let the mod work as it should. So i had a thought and measured the shaft width for that's what the tension spring/balls make contact with. I believe it was 9mm, So I took a 9mm allen key and set it between the springs as if the shaft was between them, Tighten each side equally until it felt really tight then did a 1/4 back to leave a little room. I then tested the tension and it was perfect and I had my clicks, It felt notchy and more real, But here's where I fully committed, I then glued each screw in place so they wouldn't back out, Replaced the mod, Greased everything, Secured it down with the clip and I haven't touched it since! Might not be what's recommended, But it works so perfectly now that I wanted to APOLOGIZE to NoLitto3D and even say to delete my original post from June 23rd 2020. I'm giving a very honest 4/5 stars due to the trial and error and the unknown but i actually would give a 4.5/5 if possible. Thank you.

Thank you for your revised review Cameron!
We appreciate your honesty, and actually taking the time to let others know you've been able to get the Clixbeetle working as expected with some adjustments. The way you have performed the calibration on the spring tension is quite ingenious!
We are very happy to see the Clixbeetle-GT is still going strong after months of use.

Thank you for your apology, that means a lot to us. We will leave your original post/review from June 23rd 2020, as we believe it is also useful to others who may experience similar issues.

Jean François Vallée
Un mod parfait !

Le clixbeetle GT est juste incroyable et transforme complètement le Th8a.

On passe d'un jouet à un vrai levier de vitesse, on a l'impression de bouger une boîte mécanique, c'est parfait !
Avec la notice le montage est aisé.

J'aime tellement ce produit que j'ai décidé de faire une vidéo complète sur la présentation et le montage du clixbeetle GT pour des futurs acheteurs francophones (je suis français)

Merci à nolitto pour nous avoir fait un produit si bien conçu !

Thank you Jean for this wonderful 5 star review!
We greatly appreciate the effort you've put into creating the YouTube Installation Instructions, which everyone who has a Clixbeetle should see.