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Clixbeetle-GT™ V2 Tactile Feedback Mod For the Thrustmaster TH8A/TH8RS

Clixbeetle-GT™ V2 Tactile Feedback Mod For the Thrustmaster TH8A/TH8RS

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Clixbeetle-GT™ V2 Tactile Feedback Mod For the Thrustmaster TH8A/TH8RS

New Deluxe Version of the Clixbeetle-GT!

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In summary from our customer reviews:
The nolitto3d Clixbeetle-GT V2 is literally a Game-Changer for your TH8A.
Shifting feels more tactile and satisfying, each gear shift is confirmed by both the sound and feel of the main gear shaft passing between the gated bearings. Furthermore, it adds a really nice mid-shift clunk that is missing in the stock TH8A.

The TH8A shifter from Thrustmaster is well enough built, but it lacks "resistance" when shifting and simply leaves you clueless every now and then.
With the nolitto3d Clixbeetle-GT V2 the shifter is hugely improved, shifting is so much more realistic. Installation is a piece of cake.

Get that True Gated Shifter Feel with our nolitto3d Clixbeetle-GT V2!

For the serious Sim Racer who wants that extra immersion and realistic gear-shifting experience!

Please note:

  • Colours may vary from the ones in the photos.
  • Not applicable to Sequential Mode (does not affect sequential mode).
  • You do not need to remove the Clixbeetle-GT V2 when installing the TH8A Sequential Mode Plate
  • International buyers (from outside Australia) – please note: Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price. These charges are the buyer's responsibility.
    Please check with your country's customs office or website to determine what these additional costs may be prior to buying.


  • Increased Gear Shift Resistance
  • Laser-cut stainless steel plates - To allow for spring-pressure adjustment (also provide extra durability)
  • Spring-loaded steel ball bearings for improved tactile feedback
  • Adjustable ball bearing spring pressure
  • Improved immersion as shifter feels more like a real gated shifter
  • Steel ball bearings make a nice metallic click when shifting gears
  • Taller front end for better stability and durability
  • Dimples on front and back surfaces to store/trap grease and therefore reduce friction and wear
  • Printed in Premium PLA+ for strength and durability
  • Detailed installation instructions (download from our nolitto3d online store):
  • Detailed Ball Bearing Spring Pressure Adjustment instructions (download from our nolitto3d online store) :
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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

This is a game changer. Feel so much better and real than the original set up.
Highly recommended.
Not to mention the excellent service, very helpful and super fast shipping

Olaf Hulsmann
Great product

Love the product it’s very easy to install and now my shifter feels like the real thing

Darcy K
Should be stock on the Th8a shifter!!

This little mod makes the shifter so much better to shift with.
After downloading the pdf instructions and following the steps it was an easy mod to install.
Nice clicking sound and firmness while changing gears

Habib A.

Okay so I have a dual racing rig setup, 2 screens, 2 rigs, 2 PCs, 2 pedal sets, 2 steering wheels, 2 Handbrakes, 2 shifters, 2 of EVERYTHING (side-by-side)... Which ALSO means I had to obviously buy 2 of each item from this store (to get the BEST of the BEST)...

The products arrived VERY quickly and secured PROPERLY with lots of bubble wrap around EVERYTHING!

Now, heres the kicker...

So STUPID me, I installed one of the Clixbeetle-GT V2 mods correctly on my TH8A shifter, but the SECOND one I messed up.... PLEASE MAKE SURE when installing that you THOROUGHLY clean off the shifter stick before attaching the 2 clips. I did it 100% proper on the 1st TH8A, but wasnt so careful on the second TH8A...

So anywayssss, I messed one up. I emailed Nolitto3D and expressed my situation (that I needed two more clips, because I didnt do it properly) and they IMMEDIATELY responded and said "NO PROBLEM! We will send you a few more clips"!

See THATS MY POINT, these guys CARE for their customers. Didnt even question anything. Didnt even charge me delivery fee for the new clips. NOT only that, but they ALSO threw in a special bonus also.


SERIOUSLY! You guys went ABOVE and BEYOND for me! I love you guys!

Thanks again for EVERYTHING!

Cheers and God bless ALL of you!

Bill M
Very Happy

Completely changed my shifter. After the my initial test I jumped in my 981 Cayman to see how similar the shifting action was. Porsche is known for having the best shifters and this thing is super close! Make sure you buy the correct grease (silicone or lithium) to avoid delays when it arrives. It took about three and a half weeks to reach me in the US from the land down under. Thank!!